Psychology is everywhere. This blog picks up and comments on psychological ideas and research that relate to everyday life. It aims to find shiny psychological titbits from the everyday.

My name is Lucy Maddox and I work as a consultant clinical psychologist, lecturer and writer. All blogposts are my opinions not those of the organisations I work for.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. nimrod vardi

    Hi Lucy,

    I hope all is well

    I thought I should get in touch about an ambitious project we are working on with the artist Mark Farid which I think you will find interesting.

    ‘Seeing-i’ is looking at the construction of identities by culture and technology. The project will document Mark living within the setting of a gallery space for 28 days wearing a virtual reality glasses living someone else’s life and look at the implications of technology on our daily lives, habits and our experience of the world. We are currently in conversations with various psychologists, neuroscientists and technologists who are interested in help us and use the project as a research.

    We have launched the website which gives more information on the project along with a the trailer and behind the scenes which shows the 24 hour test run we had earlier this year (http://www.seeing-i.info)

    On the 17th Nov, we will hold an event launching our kickstarter campaign and would be great if you could make it (https://www.facebook.com/events/1584719315092609)
    Many thanks and please let me know if you have any questions!


    1. psychologymagpie Post author

      Hi Nimrod, sorry I didn’t make the launch – hope it’s all going really well. Lucy

  2. Chris

    Hi Lucy, great content and just listened to an article broadcast on radio 4 all in the mind, relating to apps in this context. We are very active in this space, focusing on consumers (international retails market) and employees (through the enterprise market). Our founders are two consultant psychiatrists and a game developer (the lead developer on tomb raider). One of our founders is honorary lecturer at Roehampton and visiting at UCL. We are backed by Telefonica O2, part of London Accelerator, Wayra, and have won numerous awards, including UnLtd, Cambridge university CUTEC and finalists in pitch@palace. We are currently working with Google EMEA on a trial and are in talks with numerous others.

    It would be great to catch up at some point.

    Best for now.


    1. psychologymagpie Post author

      Hi Chris, thanks loads for your comment – really glad you liked the piece and your work sounds very interesting. All the very best with the app development – it’s an important area. Lucy

  3. Alex L De Castro

    Hey Lucy, great stuff. I’ve been following your blog for a while now. Today’s post about ACT and about handling your internal Debbie Downer was great. We all like to overachieve, and perform so it’s nice when your head advisers don’t get too loud to the point of obfuscating your mindfulness. Reading your post also reminded me of Pixar’s new long featured animation “Inside Out.” I’m sure you will enjoy it too.


    1. psychologymagpie Post author

      Thanks Alex – really appreciate that – very glad you are reading and that you liked the post. Thanks for the animation recommendation – I’ll check it out x

  4. David

    Hi Alex, recently read your article titled ‘Building Healthier Hospitals’, really interested in this article as this is something I will be giving a presentation on, in particular looking at how space for staff is used within healthcare. I would be quite interested in talking to you further about your thoughts on this as well as looking at your reading list for this topic. Would be great to hear back from you.

    1. psychologymagpie Post author

      Hi David, Thanks for your comment. Really glad you liked the piece. I’m afraid I don’t have a reading list for the article, but there are some key studies referenced in the piece and a few at the very end under ‘References and Resources’ which hopefully will be useful. Hope the presentation goes really well – warm wishes, Lucy


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